Lauren’s “Things of the Year” 2012!

I think I can honestly say 2012 was my experimental year when it came to products. I searched high and low for the best of the best, and I am happy to say I surprised myself with not only the quality, but the prices too! I’ve compiled a list of what I’d like to call “Lauren’s Things of the Year” and I hope that you like them as much as I do!


1) Maybelline Volum’ Express the Falsies FLARED: I have spent close to fifty dollars on a tube of mascara and when I threw a tube of this in my shopping cart I never imagined $7.49 would go so far. Not only does it last forever but it goes on so smoothly, makes your lashes look so long and doesn’t clump! After buying this mascara I stopped wearing top eyeliner completely because it makes my eyes look that good!


2) Sephora Precious Metals Shadow Palette: This is my newest obsession. I’ve bought a lot of palettes over the years, most have a few good colors mixed with a lot of really crappy ones that I have probably only used for Halloween. That is not true with this palette. Every color is rich in pigment (and my favorite, shimmer) so the lighter colors are perfect for day wear and then you can add a swish of one of the bottom colors for a night look. Its $48 price tag may seem like a lot, but you will use all 38 shades and it will not go to waste.


3) Redken Smooth Down Butter Treatment: Apparently this product is discontinued, but if the replacement is anything like the original I say buy now! My hair is so damaged because of the constant lightening that it takes treatment after treatment to get the ends looking somewhat controlled, yet with one use of this serum a month my hair does a 180. You have to follow the directions for it to work perfectly, but its worth the $13.50.

Wet and wild

4) Wet and Wild Mega Last Lip Color: Let me be honest with you, I needed to get cash to pay my organic chemistry tutor and I’m too cheap to pay the ATM fee so I decided to find something at CVS that I could buy in order to get cash back and that’s when I grabbed this lipstick. I never in a million years realized that this would be the first of many tubes purchased for $1.99 and worn daily. This lipstick is perfectly pigmented and lasts all day. My favorite shade would have to be “Red Velvet”, it’s the perfect red for day and night use.

out the door

5) Out the Door Fast Drying Top Coat: How much do you hate it when you put that last coat of polish on and then your phone rings and BAM you are out the door and completely forget your nails aren’t dry? Well I’m happy to say after buying this product that doesn’t happen any more. For $5.49, you buy yourself hours because this stuff dries your nails in minuets. It’s a must buy for any college student who doesn’t have time to waste and any human who values the quality of a perfect manicure.


I’m Baaaack!

So with an unsuccessful week of trying to think of a New Year’s resolution, today amidst cleaning my bedroom I was inspired. I’ve decided to stop trying to seek out new ways of occupying my free time and really work on improving the things I love the most: painting, blogging, fashion, fitness and most of all the relationships with my friends and family. Throughout the past year I think I lost track of some of these things and what better time to bring them back then now in 2013!

Side view


So for my first post of 2013 I thought it was necessary to post one of my favorite looks of this past winter. My absolute favorite piece of warm winter gear is the wool infinity scarf. I have accumulated over 10 in a year and I actually taught myself how to knit them! (Tutorial coming soon!) I love these scarves because they are so versatile, you can dress them up with a blazer and skirt like I did, or throw on your leather jacket and skinnies and roll! (oh and I cant help but mention how awesome thigh high boots are… invest!)

My only advice is to try the scarf before you buy. You would be surprised how scarves can fit people differently! If you want to twist the scarf, try it on that way! There is no sense buying a scarf that looks awkward, so why not try it on? Also, don’t forget to stick to the basics when choosing a color. Yeah neons look awesome (when you’re wearing all black) but if you want to make lots of outfits with one scarf, I’d advise buying a light brown and a cream! They look great on everyone! I also prefer a very tight, cowl neck scarf, and the thicker the better!


So to all of my followers, what is your New Years resolution?! I can’t wait to share all of my new finds with you! I have a feeling 2013 is going to be one of the best years yet!

Happy 4th of July! #merica

Today is one of my favorite holidays! Being able to celebrate our independence as American’s is just plain awesome and something everyone should be proud of! Today is the one day where we can go crazy with red white and blue, if not then bah humbug to you.

Todays Post is a little DIY i saw on Pinterest the other day with my own little twist. These American Flag shorts were so easy to make I was shocked! They faded a LOT in the wash but they still look very vintage-y cool!

DIY American Flag Shorts

1. Find a pair of high waisted Jeans or old shorts you wouldn’t mind parting with. I found these jeans at Goodwill for $8.

2. Put them on and mark where you want the shorts to be cut. Mark them long enough to be folded so you have the option of sewing a fold or making a fringe as I did.

3. Print out a star patter and gather some painters or masking tape. Tape down the design you want on your shorts, covering the belt strip and the inner parts of the pockets.

4. Take the shorts outside and spray paint them! The darker the denim, the more coats you will need. Make sure they are completely dry before removing the stars and tape.

5. To make the Stars a little lighter, I used a paintbrush dipped in bleach to make sure the stars came out really white. Paint works well too!

* For a little extra flare, I glitter-glued a few of the starts and distressed a hole in the striped side. To do this simply run some sandpaper over the shorts and then scrape with a scissor blade to keep the white fringe.*

6. Wait 24 hours and throw the shorts in the wash and dryer and voila! #merica!

I hope you all enjoy your 4th of July as much as I will!

Graduation Party Ready in 25

Summer is about vacations, beating the heat, and most of all graduations and graduation parties. I’m sure all of you have attended or will be attending at least one graduation party this summer and I know at least for me, I always have a hard time finding something cute that wont end up being soaked after an hour sitting outside. For my sister’s graduation party this past weekend I decided to whip out my savvy shopping skills and find the perfect outfit for $25!

The asymmetrical look is huge this summer and you can do it in so many different. I decided to go with a maxi skirt that I pulled up super high to show some leg and keep the outfit cool. Adding a colorful silk scarf not only adds color but a cute twist to a simple black and white outfit. You can keep the look of this outfit but change it up by switching the scarf with a statement necklace or adding a bright headband or hair accessory. I’m a firm believer that accessories can make or break an outfit, and this outfit screams accessorize me ! So dig out some of your old gladiators and basic belts and let your jewelry do the talking; your sure to be the talk of the party! besides the graduate of course!

Skirt New York and Co $17
Tube top H&M $5
Scarf The Limited on sale $6

Why can’t I be Cinderella?!

Hellllooooo readers! I know I haven’t posted in ages but this post will hopefully make up for the lack of action! I recently got back from an amazing trip to Walt Disney World with my best friend in the whole world! We had a blast going from park to park, seeing all of my favorite characters (some featured below) and riding all the fantastic rides!

There is nothing better than finding the perfect sundress; and by all means I have hit the jackpot. Call me crazy, but you can’t beat the sundresses from Abercrombie and Fitch or Hollister Co. I know, I thought the same thing three years ago as my sister dragged me into the dressing room with a dress in every shade of turquoise imaginable, but when it comes to fit, wearability, and quality, you can’t beat them. These dresses are not made with cheap silk or nylon but rather a strong, stiff cotton which is why they fit so well and rarely tear. You don’t have to worry about getting caught in a breeze and showing your goodies to a large crowd because most of the dresses have a heavy seam at the bottom. The key to purchasing one of these beauties is to wait for their summer sales to start. Last year I bought two dresses for $29.99 each. Keep your eyes peeled and I’m telling you, if you get the opportunity to try one on, you too will fall in love.

Dress (last years version) Abercrombie and Fitch $47

Rain, rain, PUH-LEASE go away

If your feeling stuck in a rut with all this rain, fear not you are not alone. Forced to leave my house today to vote for our town budget, I decided the weather would not get to my outfit like it was my brain.

I decided to go with my favorite boyfriend style jeans and Sperry’s while keeping the rest of my outfit cute and classy. I started the day with just the tank my grandma just brought me back from a little boutique in Florida (shout out to you! I love it!) and a belt. As the day progressed I decided if I didn’t want to freeze my buns off I should grab a sweater. Choosing a sweater slightly shorter than the tank lets you see the real shape of the garment which is what made it so super cute! Try experimenting with belts this summer; wearing the belt over the sweater, at belly button length, and at hip length, will all give your cute tanks this summer different shapes and in turn completely different outfits!

Tank unknown but great find!
Jeans Abercrombie and Fitch $78
Sweater Abercrombie and Fitch $58


I’m jumping for joy… but literally! After a crazy year I can finally say it’s over and boy am I glad. Not that I won’t miss my wonderful sisters and friends back at UCONN, but sleeping in my big bed and showering without shower shoes is pretty great.

After coming in late last night and waking up at the crack of dawn to work this morning a run was desperately needed and that’s kind where this outfit began to form. It was just going to be me, hanging out all day, emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted, so why not throw whatever the heck you want on?! Everyone has those clothes that they keep tucked away for those days when you feel on top of the world and I would say this daisy duke outfit takes the cake. If you still want to feel cute but casual for that slight change someone might pop over, take any old button up and tie it back! You will feel great even if it’s just a little belly action! Plus, tie tops are a must this summer, and this was only $8!

Top Forever 21 $8
Shorts American Eagle $30

Coral…the new pink

Sick and tired of wearing pink? I know I am! Spice up your spring wardrobe with the hottest new color, coral! Luckily, coral is one of those versatile colors anyone can pull off. The trick to rocking the coral outfit is finding an equally vibrant array of accessories. I have a cheetah obsession, so I chose to go all out with the animal print headband and matching wedges. Pick a color you like and go wild!

Romper Forever 21 $13
Wedges Charlotte Russe $32

Lauren’s Bitching About… Finals Wear

So you have a week to go; trust me I know your tired and ready to pack up your last pair of chinos, but stop while your ahead! We are all victims of the “I just want to be comfortable” look, especially during exam time, but this is not the time to roll up in your fourth grade footie pajamas! We are adults, some about to get real jobs, go to highly selective universities, and live real lives, not elementary school children who put on whatever their parents tell them! Take the extra 25 seconds before you walk out that door to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself a few simple question and then you will be ready to ace those finals with some serious swag…

Acing finals

1. Throwing on sneakers with your sweatpants does not make you athletic, look athletic, or portray yourself as someone who is about to go to the gym. After a long discussion with my roommate Megan we decided this rule was crucial. We all know you probably just rolled out of bed and were too lazy to change your clothes but that does not make it ok! If you want the athletic feel but sure as hell aren’t stepping foot near a treadmill anytime soon, find a cute cardigan without buttons and a pair of yoga pants. The lack of buttons is a lot less casual and looks really cute paired with a brightly colored tank! (Do I even have to mention how great yoga pants are?!)

2. Pajamas are not to be worn in public ever. I do not care if you are pulling an all nighter, have two exams and a paper due tomorrow, or you live on the other side of campus, they are not cute and I do not want to see what you wear in the privacy of your own room. The second best thing to pajamas is one of my favorite ensembles which would be a matching Victoria’s Secret sweat suit. They have a million options whether is is a simple hoodie, velour tracksuit, or again yoga pants, anything is better than your cloud printed boxers you got in the 8th grade.

3. If you have the same sweatshirt, pinny, or tee you have had on for three days, take it off. Do us all a favor and run to your dorm and throw that bad boy in the wash immediately. You may not smell yourself, but we certainly do. Before you pack up all your stuff, keep out multiple changes of clothes so you have options when you leave for that next exam to put something new on.

I know your stressed, I’m stressed too! I’m hoping I can really hone in on the great finals looks and make this years library experience a little better than the last. Your completely capable of looking great and I promise if you take the extra 5 minuets to get yourself together you will feel so much better about yourself! Do as I do on exam day and always dress for success!

Thing of the week #5

We all know you can’t keep your diva status high without a little exercise and I feel like that’s the only thing I’ve been keeping regiment with lately. I’ve always been a runner, not the track star itty bitty spandex hurdler, but someone who gets honked at by the usual passerby’s on rt 150. I decided this year it was time to try something different and what do you know, I fell in love.

Spinning has been around since 1994 when Mad Dogg Athletics decided to create one of the best cardio programs known to man, and shed some of its glory on me yesterday when I became a certified Spinning instructor!For those of you who haven’t tried it, I’m telling you, you need to. It’s an all around great workout with a structured plan for all lever riders. Contrary to running and other popular forms of cardio spinning is a low impact activity and can me modified based on ailments such as pregnancy, back problems, shoulder problems and knee problems.

Call me Bias, but I love spinning not only because I teach it, but because there is great music, great energy, and lots of sweat. Be aware that official “Spinning” locations are hard to find and the only places where you can be sure you are getting the official energy level routine. There are lots of other providers that have great plans too but before signing up make sure you are going to an official facility to avoid injury and improper technique!